The Rules

Consent    Respect   Communication

At Eloha Yonim, safety & privacy are our top concerns.

We support and encourage

Enthusiastic Consent


in our space. 

To that end,

ONLY “yes” means “yes.”
“No” means “no,” not “convince me.”
“Maybe” means “I’m intrigued, let’s grab a drink and talk about it some more.” 

All guests should exercise their power to  not consent, and to revoke consent if desired.

We are a No-Phone Venue.

All phones will be checked with coats upon entering the event.  Photos or videos of guests are never shared.

Our staff is professional, understanding, and here for your protection.    

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any behavior that is outside of our standards.  We reserve the right to remove anyone who is in violation of our code of conduct.  No refunds will be provided and you will be banned from all future productions for life.

Be Yourself.

Have Fun!  

Find your freedom.