From Hasidic Housewife to Nightlife Production Empress

AUGUST 31, 2017

How did Pearl Reich go from a Hasidic housewife, trapped in a loveless arranged marriage, to being a nude model and the producer of an interactive sexual theater experience?


It’s a wild, almost unbelievable tale you will be both fascinated and inspired by.


From entering into a forced marriage at just 18 years old, to appearing on a Dr. Phil episode, to battling her ex-husband for custody of her children, to being crowned “The Hasidic Hottie” by the New York Post, Pearl Reich has let nothing stand in her way. She has built an international fashion business, a non-profit organization that helps other parents in custody disputes, and now she produces a one-of-a-kind live sensual dinner event with her husband.


Growing up in a cloistered, sexually repressive community and married for years to a man she did not love, Pearl has found artistic and personal freedom through sexual expression and body art, and she wants to share her discoveries with as many people as possible.


To that end, Pearl created Eloha Yonim, which means goddess of the doves, an event similar to Queen of the Night, but more interactive and sexually open, featuring fire performers, erotic massage and sound healing. The next event is planned for Saturday March 17th, 2018 in NYC. The event caters to couples and singles looking to explore their sexuality in an exciting, opulent environment. Inside the venue, guests take in the breathtaking decor, the royal setting, and the theatrical performers, who move throughout the crowd and interact with them personally. The overwhelming response to the first event has turned Eloha Yonim into a popular name in the nightlife industry, bringing in a stream of new patrons eager to purchase tickets to the exclusive event.