Frequently asked questions

What is Eloha Yonim?

ELOHA YONIM is an immersive Theatrical Performance for the connoisseur of sexy parties. This is a high-end, secluded, no-phone party which aims to transform each guest into an oasis of drooling sexiness and passion. Our selectively hot staff caters to all preferences, with an average ratio of two performers per guest and top class entertainment throughout the night. A night at Eloha Yonim will leave you with wet dreams and long lasting relationships.

Would you describe it as a sexy party or a sex party?

Sexy party with organic play. We create a sacred temple of love whorshipping the sexy goddesses and gods within us. We celebrate the explorers and adventurers and encourage active participants with open heart and mind as the journey unfolds. There are private rooms and VIP areas for play and there always seems to be some people getting frisky in nook and crannies. Our events are designed to bring about quality connections with people who you will get together with long after the night is over.

How does the dinner work, is it seated or a buffet? What is on the menu?

A dinner buffet is provided for VIP Guests. The menu includes meat, fish, and vegetarian options.

What should guests wear to the event?

Classy, luxurious, and sexy. We provide feathered masks at the door.

Who attends these events?

Those with a taste for the luxury, an appreciation for exquisite entertainment, and an appetite for high quality sexual experiences. In our quest to find the ever-elusive perfect party, we journeyed around the world; visiting secret occults in victorian palaces, catacomb underground sex parties, and joining wild summer raves on european beaches, to find the missing factor the Americas seemed to have lost. Eloha yonim set out to find the balance, the sexy, the high end, the progressive, and the paramour fantasy without losing its ability to shock the senses anew, and bring that to you.

What do you mean by pansexual event?

This means that this event is open to everyone with open arms, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. Our goal is to have a little something for everyone and we are always open to suggstions without limitation. Currently, the event has organically centralized on feminine energy and caters more strongly to patrons who are attracted to the feminine side of the sexuality spectrum. We dicourage assigning lables and want our guests to be free to explore whatever they want. We do not tolerate judgemental behavior of any kind.

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