About Eloha Yonim


ELOHA YONIM is an immersive Burning Man-inspired theatrical performance for the connoisseur of sex parties. This is a high-end, secluded, no-phone party which aims to transform each guest into an oasis of drooling sexiness and passion.  Our selectively hot staff and top-tier performers allow guest to explore their deepest fantasies.  A night at Eloha Yonim will leave you with wet dreams and many great new relationships.


"It all began with a search for the ever-elusive perfect party. Our quest was to find a place of balance; combining the sexy, the high end, the progressive and the paramour fantasy, without losing its ability to shock the senses anew. We journeyed around the world, visiting secret occults in victorian palaces, catacomb underground sex parties, and wild summer raves on european beaches, to find the missing factor in entertainment and visionary art and bring that to you." 

- Pearl Perri (Founder)

Inside the venue, guests take in the sexy, romantic, and seductively interactive atmosphere around them. There are whispers of a secret ritual that ends the night in sexual sacrifice. The crowd gathers as the performers share their sexual energy with the audience. Around ambers of fire and tribal music patrons dispose or burn their written desires, pains, and/or fears, as to symbolically release them. The physical disposal of the pain, the desire and the shackles that hold us back, is an act of allowing ourselves to move forward.  The only permission we ever need to be free comes from ourselves.



ELOHA YONIM invites you to join us for a night of discovery, passion, lust, and searing hot burlesque entertainment.


Exact Address To Be Disclosed to Guests 24 hours in advance


This is a no phone zone my dear patrons. We hope you will leave your phones at home, but if you choose to bring them we will have a secure phone check along with the coat check.


When attending this event, please remember to respect all guests, their privacy, and their personal boundaries/space. 
CONSENT! YES is the only thing that means YES. 
Be responsible for yourself and your own experience.
All guests are expected to participate in the event and contribute only the best vibes. Please do not spectate.
Look out for your fellow guests. If you see someone in need, try to help. If you cannot help, reach out to someone who can.